Should I Purchase Bicycle Insurance?

February 23, 2018


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Is Purchasing Bicycle Insurance a Smart Strategy?

Bike accidents are pretty common. Sometimes, cyclists drive into parked cars by mistake. In other cases, accidents may happen which involve moving cars, other cyclists, or pedestrians. It’s even possible to have an accident on your bike when you’re by yourself and no one else is around. If you spend a lot of time cycling and you’d like to feel more protected on the road, you should consider purchasing bike insurance. When you do so, you’ll be able to file a claim if there’s a problem. However, all policies are not created equal, so you should shop around in order to find the right policy.

Lots of cyclists ride around without insurance. This means that they are on the line for repair or replacement expenses if their bikes get damaged. They will also be in line for expensive litigation if they do get sued for alleged mistakes on roads or on bike paths. Insurance is protection, so buying it is a smart strategy. A lot of cyclists who self-insure (i.e. carry no insurance) wish that they had it after the fact!

How to Find a Good Policy

Shop around via insurance companies which serve cyclists in your state. Most bigger insurance companies serve all American states and offer bike insurance online. We recommend checking out three or four companies and this includes checking out customer reviews which are posted online. As well, you should visit their official websites and see which choices you’ll have in terms of policies.

By seeing what’s out there and finding the level of coverage that you prefer, you’ll set the stage for smart comparison-shopping. Once you have determined a level of coverage that you like, such as basic, mid-range or high-level, start collecting quotes for policies with that coverage level. It’s best to collect quotes for at least three policies from different insurance companies. All of these companies should have great reputations and reviews.

Everyone is different and this means that the amount of coverage desired will vary. If you ride your bike a lot in places where accidents are common, choosing a higher level of coverage will be wise. It’s up to you how much coverage you buy. Doing some research and homework online will help you to find what is right for you.

Now that you know the basics, why not shop for bicycle insurance today? It’s a great way to protect yourself while you ride.